Inventory Specialist at Apple

Apple is looking for an Inventory Specialist

Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of personal computers; hardware, software, consumer electronics and the leading smartphone in the world are based in America. Currently, the company is looking for smart individuals, disciplines, and professionals to apply as an Inventory Specialist who will be placed in various areas in the United States. This position requires someone who has the ability to think quickly and be able to solve the problem the task effectively, even in the circumstances of the change, and have strong organizational skills, and quickly in evaluating every situation.

Inventory Specialist at Apple

Inventory Specialist is a position that will be responsible for the entire store inventory - products, parts, equipment, supplies, and everything else, and make sure your team has the support, knowledge, and resources necessary to maintain product availability, inventory task complete, and keeping the warehouse organized as new products arrive. Here, you will be guiding and mentoring your team, and help keep up with changing demands and make sure every product and demo machines where it should be. In this position needs someone with strong leadership skills.

To apply this position, candidates must have comfort in selling, teaching, and helping members of the team to come out as needed, with strong self-motivation and self-directed, and able to comply with the tightly structured training schedule. In addition, the candidate must also be proficient in recommending support options in other stores, such as business services and the Genius Bar. For those of you who are interested, you should be able to be flexible with schedules and working hours based on business needs.

Here, you are in constant contact with management and leadership team, sharing data on the status of products and parts, and when exciting new products arrive, you're the first one to open them up and bring them to the team throughout the store.

How to Apply?

Are you interested to join with Apple as an Inventory Specialist? Please do online registration and make sure you met all proposed requirements.

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